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Why Drive for Snap Delivered?

Are you a driver who is currently driving for Door Dash, UBER Eats, etc?

We'd like to invite you to drive for Snap Delivered!  Why should you drive with us?

First, all of the big players charge restaurants huge percentages for food deliver - we'll only charge restaurants $2 per delivery.  Lower fees to the restaurants mean they'll be happy to ask their customers to order delivery more often.

Secondly, there are NO hidden fees that we'll charge customers.  Many customers don't tip well with those other companies because there are too many fees to have food delivered.  With Snap, the price to the customer is lower SO - they'll tip better with us!  We encourage customers to tip 20% and YOU KEEP 100% of all tips!

Third, you'll keep most of customer fuel fees!  Customers will pay a $3.50 fuel fee per order and you'll keep $3.  After 5 miles, customers pay $.50/mile and you keep 100% of that!

Fourth, we're planning to offer incentives and prizes for drivers who go above and beyond.

Fifth, you'll be paid within 24-48 hours.

Sixth, you can make money by referring restaurants and customers to Snap Delivered! NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS.

We are so excited to get going in Lubbock and we hope you'll join us!  Fill out the form below to get started as a driver with Snap Delivered.

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